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Specializes Exclusively in Gainesville Apartments and Houses for Rent
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Our Commitment…

KLM Property Holdings and Development is a boutique holding, leasing, and development company located next door to the University of Florida in Gainesville. KLM specializes exclusively in Gainesville apartments and houses for rent within walking distance to University of Florida classes. We’re entirely focused on the student rental market, providing personalized accommodations, services and amenities to its residents. Our goal is to diligently serve its student residents, so they can focus on their goal of succeeding at college. We take pride in our responsive, professional and friendly service. KLM manages Gainesville apartments near Sorority Row and UF classes and houses next to UF, within walking distance to Sorority Row and most undergraduate classes. We welcome and encourage any questions you have about living in Gainesville and especially close to the Universtiy of Florida campus. We can help you find the perfect apartment for rent near UF or the ideal house for rent next to UF. We believe if you can save time walking to class at UF, you’ll have more time to study, sleep and enjoy the neighborhood. KLM – Walk to Class at UF!

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(352) 226-7638
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Email: office@KLMProperty.com

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KLM Leasing Office Phone: (352) 226-7638 | Office Hours: 8A.M - 7P.M. (7days)